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"Just in from seeing my anti-aging, bio-identical hormone guru, Dr. Linda Long. By all accounts, in one short year of hormone treatment, both Linda and her protocol apparently have turned back the proverbial clock where my own aging is concerned.

"I had been on the fence about how I felt about bio-identical hormones. My lit agent and her dad had co-partnered a bestseller called THE NATURAL SUPERWOMAN extolling the virtues of replacing what meno was pausing production of in the female body. In fact, my agent’s dad was the gynecologist who got Suzanne Somers started on her whole aging backwards kick through bio-identical replacement therapy. So, it was no surprise then when Oprah jumped on the bandwagon and began trying to educate the populace on hormone therapy and the benefits and boons of supplemental restoration.

"I was still hesitant, but I wanted my life back so I committed to Linda Long who I know and trust. I knew that her bio-identical hormone practice was the next step in my aging backwards evolution. So off to Synergy I went, only after giving away several hundred gallons of my blood for examination.

"The short of it was that I was getting really long in the tooth. EVERY single level Dr. Long tested was askew. My estrogen was almost nonexistent. I’m sooo not kidding…I think it was close to zero…ZERO….while my testosterone, although not THAT low was pretty shaky too. No vitamin D level to speak of and cholesterol sky rocketing alongside my blood pressure. You have to understand…I NEVER EVER EVER had any issues with pressure or cholesterol pre peri and, then, menopause itself. ALL of my vitamin levels were ridiculously low as was my DHEA. Oh, I could go on and on, but, you get it. About the only thing still coursing through my veins was some fine Australian pinot and a lot of anger at having to hop around in ballet flats all day. Ugh.

"It’s now one year later and my estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, Vitamins D and B12, Dhea and thyroid stabilizer results are so remarkable that I was moved to tell everyone about it. Even though this testimonial is intensely personal, I believe that EVERY WOMAN should be aware that as we age, we, well, age. But we don’t have to do that at the speed of a Japanese bullet train if we don’t want to. We can supplement with Vitamin D -- at the very least. And, then, there are the fish or fatty oils. I take something called UDO’s Oil 3-6-9 blend, but, any reputable fish or flax or fatty oil will do. You can make the decision about the bio-identical hormones for yourself.

"I still cannot believe the results I’m recording. Estrogen back to normal. Testosterone and thyroid too. All vitamin levels at par and, the most amazing thing, my blood pressure and my cholesterol are back down to pre perimenopausal levels as well. That’s going back OVER TWELVE YEARS for me.

"Although the bio-identical hormone treatment path may not be cheaper by those dozen, it’s still worth it in the long run when I think of how much I save by not worrying about how crappy I feel. Because, well, I don’t."

Ellen Whitehurst,
Chesapeake, Virginia

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Our next free seminar will be held in Spring 2019 and will focus on bioidentical hormone therapy and optimal aging for women and men. If you have questions and cannot wait until then, please call us at (757) 410-5462. Seminars are held in our office in Chesapeake (Greenbrier area).
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Synergy, located in Chesapeake, Virginia, is an integrative medical center for women that combines the best of traditional and holistic medicine. We specialize in integrative treatments for anti-aging, menopause, sleep disorders, fatigue, digestive problems, gynecologic problems, chronic medical conditions, and issues concerning estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, and perimenopausal. Our services include bio-identical hormones, hormone treatment, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging medicine, cancer treatment therapy, medical acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional medicine. The integrative center serves women in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, Eastern Shore, Richmond, Virginia, and North Carolina.


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