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Our Reputation

"Synergy is part of my life team which I embraced and utilized to get my life back.

"I had ‘checked out’ of everything. Thanks to Synergy’s help I am so much more engaged in what is going on. I actually smile and make chatter with strangers again. I can look upward and smile. I insist on being in photos with my family and friends now. There are years where I am in only a handful of thousands of photos.

"Before I met Dr. Rebecca Ryder and Nutritionist Aimee Curley, my weight was packing on and what normally worked to take it off had simply stopped working for me. For many years I had acid reflux, migraines, swollen and painful joints, insomnia, ADD, memory loss, and the list went on and on.

"I tried Weight Watchers (which works, but only as long as you keep at it; once you stop it all comes right back on); the Atkins Diet, and The Makers Diet (which works well, however, it's nothing you can sustain for very long and it makes others around you nervous at about day 24.)

"I had been in with a counselor, a psych, and a talk therapist for more than two years and I should have been ‘balanced’ at that point. But it did not work to the degree I had hoped. They certainly helped me more than I had been without their help, but it was not until I was with Synergy that after a few months I really got better.

"Once I decided to go to Synergy, I walked into Dr. Ryder’s door, sat down with my Information Sheet, squared my shoulders to her and smiled. She asked me one question and I started crying. Dr. Ryder and Aimee were the knot at the end of my rope. They are both calm and understanding and possess tons of positive energy and knowledge.

"Dr. Ryder and Aimee educated me and my husband about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and pointed out that my situation was common, which was a huge relief. We started with blood tests to determine what vitamins I may need, what hormones I may be low on, and if I was sensitive to any types of food. I found out that I was sensitive to peanuts, whole egg, whole milk and shrimp. What a shocker! I live on peanut butter, eggs and milk. If you took all the other food away I could survive on those 3 things.

"At first, the change for the better didn’t come as quickly as I expected. Aimee kept telling me to exercise, even if it was just to get out and walk. I just didn't have any energy.

"They also convinced me to clear out the junk from the cupboards and start feeding myself and the family quality, real food (much to my 10-year-old son’s dismay). We watched movies like Food, Inc., read books about healthy lifestyles and tried food we had not tried before. We also got rid of caffeine and sodas.

"Only a few pounds came off. But the great thing was that I was outside all the time. I couldn't get out enough. At one point I was content to just be in the house and not move for hours at a time. Something ‘clicked’ for me internally thanks to Synergy’s help and I had spent most of the 2011 summer outside soaking up all the Vitamin D I could possibly get.

"Then I joined the YMCA and in less than four months had lost 50 pounds! I have 50 more I want to take off and then I'll be content with that goal.

"I also joined the Junipers Rowing Club and now row 3 times a week. That new adventure started by simply trying the ‘Learn To Row’ weekend class and I enjoyed it so much that I joined right away! It's great cardio exercise and something anyone can ‘walk on’ and do. Find out when our next LTR class is at We'd love to have more people join us!

"I could have never done all of this without Aimee and the positive, non-intrusive, never ceasing, never exhausting support she provides. She bends over backwards to make sure you know what you need to know about food, vitamins, workouts, your next challenge, and more.

"Synergy knows so much about women. We all have such common complaints that they decided to really dig into the issues as well as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and THANK GOD THEY DID!!! I can't sing their praises enough.

"I'M HAPPY!!!! My happiness seems to be contagious around my house...because my husband is a very very happy guy as opposed to a year ago.

"I feel as if I have a team working for me, with me, and it's awesome."

Chesapeake, VA

               Tori and her husband.

        Photo courtesy of Thomas Gorman Photography

    Tori and her husband at the Junipers  

    Rowing Club in Great Bridge.


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Our next free seminar will be held in Spring 2019 and will focus on bioidentical hormone therapy and optimal aging for women and men. If you have questions and cannot wait until then, please call us at (757) 410-5462. Seminars are held in our office in Chesapeake (Greenbrier area).
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Synergy, located in Chesapeake, Virginia, is an integrative medical center that combines the best of traditional and holistic medicine. Drs. Rebecca Ryder and Linda Long, and Nutritionist Aimmee Curley, specialize in integrative treatments like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for weight loss, acid reflux, migraines, swollen and painful joints, insomnia, ADD, memory loss, and other menopause-related health issues.  The integrative center serves women and men in Smithfield, Hampton, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, Eastern Shore, Richmond, Virginia, and North Carolina.


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