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Synergy TipsChronic inflammation now recognized as 'silent killer'

By Aimee Curley, Synergy's Holistic Nutrition Expert - 9/8/2011

There is a lot of talk these days about "inflammation". One of the reasons for all the attention is because chronic inflammation is now being touted as a 'silent killer'.

Inflammation, in simplest terms, is a helpful body response. Back when you were a kid and scraped your knee, your immune system kicked in with an inflammation cascade to repair the damage and restore function.

This acute inflammatory response is not what is so worrisome in the health care arena today. The inflammation we are worried about is chronic inflammation, which occurs when the source of injury is internal and persistent, and the body's immune systems get overwhelmed and overworked.

Some of the major causes of chronic inflammation are:
• Obesity
• Chronic infections of the bladder, kidney, gall bladder, tonsilitis, diverticulitis
• Periodontal disease
• Environmental toxins (food, cleaners, air and water pollutants), drugs and tobacco
• Autoimmune diseases

Identification of chronic inflammation risk factors can be helpful towards early detection. Some of the risk factors for chronic inflammation include:
• Smoking
• Blood pressure
• LDL and HDL levels
• Fasting glucose levels

At Synergy, we highly recommend that our patients have current lab work, including a lipid profile and fasting glucose values, that will help to identify these risk factors.

How to reduce the risk factors
Positive lifestyle and dietary changes such as the following can help reduce the likelihood of chronic inflammation:
• Stop smoking
• Increase physical activity of any kind
• Eat better
• Add a multivitamin and good quality Omega-3 supplement to your daily routine
• Increase consumption of colorful vegetables and fruits, nuts, herbs, flaxseed meal, olive oil, green tea, seafood
• Decrease consumption of trans fats, simple refined sugars and carbohydrates, fried foods, and saturated fats

Although the medical establishment still has much to learn about chronic inflammation, we do know that personal lifestyle changes are one of the best tools we have to battle against this silent killer.

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