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Synergy TipsHow to avoid or reduce Insulin Resistance

By Aimee Curley, Synergy's Holistic Nutrition Expert - 6/21/2011

I’d like to talk with you about Insulin Resistance (IR), and how to avoid or reduce it.

Over 60 million Americans have IR, which frequently goes unnoticed until the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes is made.

When most people think of elevated blood sugar and insulin resistance, they think of diabetes. The truth is, insulin resistance is being linked to some of the biggest killers such as hypertension, atherosclerosis and heart disease, chronic kidney disease, and Type 2 diabetes. Several new studies even link IR to Alzheimer's disease. Why?

Insulin resistance occurs when there is a reduced responsiveness to normal levels of circulating insulin or when there is a decreased ability of insulin to perform correctly.

Unfortunately, when the body cells become resistant to insulin the pancreas responds by pumping out more and more insulin. Over time, this hyperinsulinemia can lead to a host of problems, including:

• Increased triglyceride levels
• Decreased HDL (‘good’) cholesterol levels
• Hypertension

Additionally, prolonged unhealthy blood sugar metabolism can significantly affect the health of your nerves, eyes, blood vessels, kidneys, and pancreas.

IR can impact your weight, body shape, energy levels, overall cardiovascular health, and more.

What causes insulin resistance?

Heredity can play a role in IR, however, there are many lifestyle factors that can also lead to an unhealthy blood sugar metabolism, such as:

• Obesity
• Lack of physical activity
• Consuming a diet made up of excess refined and processed foods
• Consuming a diet with nutrient deficiencies to support healthy cells

What can you do to prevent insulin resistance?

You can improve your odds of having healthy sugar metabolism by incorporating life style changes that focus on:

1. Consuming a diet of whole foods consisting of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and learning how to incorporate healthy carbohydrates into your diet.
2. Beginning or maintaining an exercise routine.

Practicing effective stress management techniques and gaining control of your weight and health altogether.

At Synergy, we can help you make the right choices for achieving healthy sugar metabolism. It’s never too early or too late to learn how you can achieve and maintain healthy blood sugar metabolism and avoid (and reverse) insulin resistance. We are here to help and are just a phone call away at (757) 410-5462.

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