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Our Reputation as Nutritionists and Hormone Doctors in Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Chesapeake


“I reached out to Synergy because I wanted to feel better. I have diabetes and have been dealing with hormonal issues that are continuing to get worse and frustrate me. I needed more than what my primary care doctor could offer. All the questions and tests kept coming back ‘nothing wrong’ yet I was not sleeping nor losing weight.

“I also reached out to other professionals in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, but did not receive the level of help and answers that Synergy gave me -- results that I am still experiencing today.

Nutritionist Aimee Curley helped me to see how my diet affected how I felt. Throughout my appointment with her, she kept her focus on me and gave me individualized attention. She was patient and allowed me to tell my story.

“She brought to my appointment her vast enthusiasm and knowledge about nutrition and weight loss that could not be denied. She has a device that is a scale but more than a scale, as it measures your personal story.

“Aimee took my personalized information and reviewed it with me in detail. She taught me how to be more aware of the food choices I make. She answered all my questions and gave me real solutions (both written and verbal) that I can use just for my daily lifestyle.

“She created and designed meal plans that gave me easy choices (based on the foods and exercise her and I talked about). I can follow that for all my meal planning. Unlike the other weight loss ‘programs’ that are on the market in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, Aimee catered to my individual needs. The program fits my lifestyle and my choices.

“Aimee also works closely with hormone doctor Rebecca Ryder and consults with her on your individual plan of care.

“Dr. Ryder is a patient-centered doctor. You can tell immediately when you meet her that her eyes and attention are all about you. She is a patient listener who does not interrupt when you are telling her your concerns. During our appointment I felt unrushed and all my questions were answered. I took all my medications and supplements to the appointment. I also had lab work done which Dr. Ryder uses to make a plan only for you!

“After following her recommendations that were personally detailed just for me, I felt better than I have in 6 years!!! She also saved me money because I was taking supplements I did not need to!

“As a consumer, I was hearing this commercial or that commercial about how this supplement or that supplement would work for you. I tried plenty of different supplements and spent hard earned money that was wasted on a treatment that did not work for me. Why? Because it was not personally detailed for my needs.

“By seeing Dr. Ryder I now have a regimen that is tailored to me! I left her Chesapeake office filled with such hope and a renewness! I did not check out of her office wondering if this plan is going to work. I knew as my appointment was ongong and that it was definitely going to work for me.

“My overall health has improved since my initial appointment. My mind is clearer, I have lost 18 pounds! I did not live at the gym either! They teach you that exercise is healthy and needful. Both Aimee and Dr. Ryder are positive role models. They are for your health and continued wellness. They have educated me about my body. Education and awareness are powerful tools.

Once you have them you can help yourself make better choices.

“To the women out there in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and throughout Hampton Roads who are tired of feeling tired, listless, and wondering like I ‘what is wrong with me?’ I give you a choice of an awesome team composed of nutritionists, hormone doctors and more.

“Dr. Ryder and Aimee put their combined education and years of experiences together to help you feel better.

“They take you from that feeling of just surviving day-to-day to thriving each and every day. Like me, you might ask yourself ‘how did I live without knowing these wonderful professionals at Synergy’!

“You can't help but feel good about yourself after meeting both of them and allowing them to help you get to that place of ‘I feel SO good! Like I could sing about it’!

“Check out the next free seminar and you won't be disappointed. Rather, you will be patting yourself on the back saying good choice girl!!!!!”

Laurie S.
Chesapeake, VA


About our hormone doctors and nutritionist

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Our next free seminar will be held in Spring 2019 and will focus on bioidentical hormone therapy and optimal aging for women and men. If you have questions and cannot wait until then, please call us at (757) 410-5462. Seminars are held in our office in Chesapeake (Greenbrier area).
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Synergy, located in Chesapeake, Virginia, is an integrative medical center for women and men that combines the best of traditional and holistic medicine. Our hormone doctors are experienced at integrative treatments for weight loss, frequent hot flashes, menopause, bioidential hormone replacement therapy, hormone therapy, perimenopause, and more. The integrative center serves women and men in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News and throughout Hampton Roads.


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