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"My weight has always been a problem for me and had reached an all-time high.
However, the biggest reason I reached out to nutritionist Aimee Curley was that my blood numbers had gotten to the point of being unhealthy with very high cholesterol triglycerides and blood sugar.

"Since both heart disease and diabetes are in my family history, I clearly needed to do something. Frankly, my wife insisted that I do more than what my primary care Doctor suggests, which is ‘watch weight and exercise’. Through a mutual friend I was introduced to Aimee as someone who could provide a concise weight management plan for getting my health on track.

"I had never consulted with a nutritionist before, because I figured I could do it on my own. Having battled weight all of my life, I have lost weight several times before. But now I was in new territory and needed a lifestyle change to work long-term. I have 4 daughters and need to be here.

The two photos on the left are 'before'. The third is a recent photo and the fourth is from college (no, I'm not the guy in the crazy purple and white shirt). I'm proud of this since the Pat Sweeney of 2013 looks more like the Pat Sweeney of 1991 than the Pat Sweeney of 2011.


"What Aimee has done for me is really immeasurable. Everything is easier, I'm more active, I feel better, and my clothes fit because I had to buy all new ones. I can coach my girls’ teams and play with them without getting winded. I can play a round of golf and not feel like I need a nap. I no longer have that mid-afternoon need for a cup of coffee.

"Aimee educated me on how certain foods affect my body. As someone predisposed to diabetes, it was very important for me to understand the way simple carbohydrates and processed foods are not a good source of energy for me and only turn into blood sugar, making me even more hungry and making we gain more weight.

"One of the first things she did was ask me to write down a typical couple of days in my eating habits. This was a scary (and a little embarrassing) exercise, as I realized I was just eating myself to death. Some of the habits were just awful -- no breakfast, big lunches, snacks before dinner, big dinners, late night munching, trips to the drive through, etc. -- so this really made me realize just how many calories (and bad calories) I was consuming on a daily basis.

"From there she made a plan for me that included a list of healthy, low-carb options to eat for both meals and snacks. I learned so much about using food as fuel and now eat the things that my body uses for energy instead of the waste/store cycle which causes weight gain and high blood sugar.

"I quickly realized how little I knew about food (except how to eat a lot of it) and it really opened my eyes.

"Once I got started, Aimee had me contact her once a week with my diet, exercise and weight results. This was a crucial piece of my weight loss plan, as even though we are remote, it provided accountability on a weekly basis. On good weeks she was happy and provided positive feedback and encouragement. On bad weeks she provide some tough love and encouragement.

"She also had me very carefully track what I ate with a calorie and carb limit. This again, was really helpful as it puts a reality to what is in the foods I used to eat and eat now.

"When I hit a plateau and had even allowed myself to gain a few pounds back over the holidays in early 2013, Aimee really got on me about adding a discipline exercise routine to my schedule and to stop making excuses. This has been a huge help and really helped my ramp up the process and just feel better.

"For the first time in my life, I have been able to lose weight and kept it off -- and I’m still losing. The reason is that this time I didn't just lose weight by eating less for a few months and go back to the same habits. This time, I know that my habits were killing me, and I know how to avoid them.

"I have lost 40+ pounds (260 to under 220), and my goal is to lose 10 - 20 more. Plus, ALL of my blood numbers are in the ‘normal range’.

"When I started with Aimee my Blood Glucose was almost 120, putting me in the ‘pre-diabetic’ category. Now it's 100. Every older member of my family has adult on-set diabetes, so this is a big accomplishment and a measurement I track closely.

"My Triglycerides were 436 and are now 140.

"My HDL was 34 and is now 55.

"My LDL was immeasurable (which is usually due to high sugar and Triglycerides) and is now around 120.

"My Uric Acid was over 9 and is now under 7. More notable, I have NOT had an attack of Gout since I started. Prior to this, I was having severe attacks every 2 months.

"BTW, all of this, with the exception of small doses of Allpuranol (Gout) has been down without medication!

"In short, nutritionist Aimee has likely added years to my life, and made this guy in his mid-40's feel better than I have in over 20 years.

"I had really gotten used to be being ‘the fat guy’, where it was funny if I spilled food on my shirt (Jeez, I was Tommy Boy!). I was on my way to becoming a caricature. That guy seems like he's been gone for years. People who knew me then still can't believe the transformation and people who have only known me since, would never believe that I was ‘a fat guy’.

"The best quality about Aimee is her unique capability to be tough yet understanding. She gets that it's hard to change a lifestyle, but she also does not want to hear excuses and will administer tough love. One of the most brutally truthful things she said to me early on was that 'If you think eating right is hard -- you dropping dead will be harder on your wife and 4 daughters'. There are several more ‘Aimee-isms’ that both make you laugh and realize the gravity of the situation. I'm going to keep the rest to myself :)

"Besides this, she is really knowledgeable about diet and exercise, yet she is willing to share how hard it is for her to stay fit.

"Finally, she cares! She really cares about her clients."

Patrick Sweeney
Fairfax, VA


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Synergy, located in Chesapeake, Virginia, is an integrative medical center for women and men that combines the best of traditional and holistic care. Our nutritionist helps patients lose weight and reduce or avoid heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, high blood sugar, gout, pre-diabetic conditions and more through diet, a weight loss plan, weight management, and low carb foods. Our nutritionist serves women and men in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, Eastern Shore, Richmond, Virginia, and North Carolina..


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