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"I contacted Nutritionist Aimee Curley of Synergy because I was tired of being FAT and unhealthy. I weighed 246 lbs and had no real clue of how to lose weight, what to eat, how often, portions etc, etc. I was always listening to my friends about quick fix and fad diets and I did lose weight on those put I couldn’t keep it off and always gained what I lost back and sometimes double!

"Before finding Aimee, I tried a nutritionist in Virginia Beach who was in my health care provider book of referrals. I spent 15 minutes explaining to her my short and long term goals and she discussed basic food choices, exercise and weight management with me and handed me a pre-printed menu with 1,300 calorie daily limits and said she would like to see me back in 30 days. I left her office and never returned because this so-called nutrition expert only spent 5 minutes talking to me about something so personal, then handed me a preprinted menu of foods that she didn’t know if I liked or not. This nutritionist did not educate me on anything.

"Aimee changed the way I think about food and how to incorporate it into my life. When I met Aimee, I spoke candidly to her about my struggle to lose weight and I was very emotional because at that point I was seriously considering a gastric bypass or some other weight loss surgery.

"I’m someone who exercised daily and didn’t eat a lot of unhealthy things and I couldn’t understand why I was at such a crossroads and gaining weight all the time. Aimee explained that women over 35 sometimes had to do things differently than women 20-35, and that my metabolism was very different from 10 years ago.

"When I asked Aimee to create a meal plan for me, she asked me specifically what foods I liked and didn’t like and within a few days she emailed me the plan that gave me 5 choices for ALL meals as well as when to eat them and how much.

"I followed the weight management plan to the letter and along with the new diet and exercise I lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks and each visit thereafter I recorded more weight loss! Within three months…..drum roll please…..I lost 34 lbs and went from 246 to 212 lbs!!!

"I have since gone on my own and I continue to maintain the tools that Aimee provided for me in staying healthy and fit.

"One especially proud moment during this journey was when my company had a weight loss challenge (Biggest Loser) with the entry fee of $20. The person who lost the most weight in three months would be the winner. The cash pot was $500. At the final weigh-in, the winner was announced as YOURS TRULY. At that very moment that was a complete GAME CHANGER and confidence boast of epic proportions for me -- and the $500 wasn’t too shabby either.

"With Aimee as my nutritionist, my life has changed in every way. I had previous issues with my blood pressure being fairly high and I no longer have that issue. I suffer from lower back pain, but because of the weight loss the pain has reduced significantly. And I am thankful that I did not have to go through gastric bypass or weight loss surgery.

"In a recent trip to visit in-laws in NYC, I must of walked 20-25 miles while in the city and was able to do that with no issues and without being winded.

"Aimee actually CARES and she UNDERSTANDS and she was always there for me while I’ve been on this journey. She was essentially my food interventionist!"

Shekelia Bussey
Norfolk, Virginia

   Shekelia Bussey


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Our next free seminar will be held in Spring 2019 and will focus on bioidentical hormone therapy and optimal aging for women and men. If you have questions and cannot wait until then, please call us at (757) 410-5462. Seminars are held in our office in Chesapeake (Greenbrier area).
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Synergy, located in Chesapeake, Virginia, is an integrative medical center for women that combines the best of traditional and holistic medicine. Our nutritionist specializes in helping women and men -- who are considering gastric bypass or weight loss surgery -- to lose weight through diet and a weight management program. The integrative center serves women and men in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, Eastern Shore, Richmond, Virginia, and North Carolina.


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