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"I was 53 years old and miserable before I went to Synergy for bioidentical hormone treatment for my menopause symptoms. While having my first session with Dr. Ryder, she mentioned that Synergy’s nutritionist, Aimee Curley, was available for nutritional counseling. Besides being exhausted and having hot flashes and insomnia, I was very much overweight. I figured that Aimee might be able to help me lose weight and keep my weight under control with better eating habits. And I was correct. Within one year of working with her, I have lost more than 50 pounds.

"Before meeting Aimee, I had tried Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach – you name it, but without much success. I am a lazy eater and do not enjoy cooking, so I am prone to buying take-out at fast food restaurants.

"Prior to my first weight loss session with nutritionist Aimee, she contacted me by email to welcome me, and gave me encouraging words. She also asked me to write out what I was eating for a two-week period.

"At our first meeting, I was weighed on a machine that also provides analysis about one’s body such as lean mass, fat mass, water mass, basal metabolism and more. Aimee went over the results with me (which were rather dismal), then we discussed my food log.

"To my surprise, Aimee had analyzed my food log and explained to me just how many calories and fat I was eating in a day. Her analysis was really a wake-up call because I had no idea that I was eating that much. In quantity, I didn’t think I was doing so badly. When I compared myself to other people who were at a healthy weight, I just didn’t seem to be eating as much as they were. Aimee’s report showed that I was choosing the worst foods possible each day.

"Our first meeting went very well, and nutritionist Aimee had many weight management suggestions that day, but also mailed me a diet plan packet that included suggestions on what to eat at restaurants.

"I have met with nutritionist Aimee about every two months since that initial weight loss visit. She has changed my life. My body is one that doesn’t want to give up the excess weight easily. On some visits, the scales barely moved and during other visits, there was as much as a 10-12 pound weight loss.

"No matter which occurred, my nutritionist Aimee congratulated me for working on the weight loss plan and encouraged me to continue. She reviewed my latest food logs and continued each time to make weight management suggestions and recommendations. And, she always followed up with an email with encouragement and additional suggestions.

"I have been seeing Aimee for a year now. At this time, I have lost approximately 50 pounds. I still have a ways to go, but I am encouraged by the success I have had so far. I am convinced that without Aimee’s help and weight loss expertise, I would not have achieved this much success.

"Nutritionist Aimee is an incredibly good listener and she shows her compassion for helping others with a very upbeat personality."

Barbara Smith
Newport News, Virginia


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Our next free seminar will be held in Spring 2019 and will focus on bioidentical hormone therapy and optimal aging for women and men. If you have questions and cannot wait until then, please call us at (757) 410-5462. Seminars are held in our office in Chesapeake (Greenbrier area).
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Synergy, located in Chesapeake, Virginia, is an integrative medical center for women that combines the best of traditional and holistic medicine. We specialize in integrative treatments for menopause, sleep disorders, fatigue, loss of energy, lose weight, digestive problems, gynecologic problems, and chronic medical conditions including chronic pain. Our services include bioidentical hormone treatment, hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging medicine, cancer treatment therapy, medical acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional medicine.  Our nutritionist is expert at weight loss and weight management. The integrative center serves women in Newport News, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, Eastern Shore, Richmond, Virginia, and North Carolina.


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