Your Chemistry 101

The September 2012 issue of The Oprah Magazine features a hormone guide by Dr. Oz, who has always been a supporter of alternative medicine that works, especially hormone replacement therapy. In case you missed the Read More

Clarifying the 2002 WHI Study

Clarifying the 2002 WHI Study Several of our patients read a negative article on hormone therapy in a September 2009 issue of The Virginian-Pilot and asked for our opinion. We appreciate the questions and encourage Read More

The 7 Hormones Everyone Should Know

A Synergy Note: The hormone doctors at Synergy have studied extensively with Dr. Neal Rouzier of the Beverly Hills Center for Anti-Aging Medicine, and The Preventive Medicine Clinics in Palm Springs, Calif.    Since 1997, Read More

What does BIOIDENTICAL really mean?

What does BIOIDENTICAL really mean? Since January there has been a considerable amount of media coverage about hormones. Oprah alone did three separate shows devoted to hormone replacement therapy that greatly peaked women’s interest about Read More