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Supplement Store

Synergy’s Supplement Store

Synergy is dedicated to offering the best supplements to our patients for their long-term health and healing, and this store can help us achieve that.

At Synergy, we choose to offer these supplements because:

• They are high quality supplements with rigorously tested ingredients free of contaminants.
• The simple, easy-to-use online store includes an auto-shipment function.
• There is a dedicated customer service team to serve you when needed.

For patients who have not re-ordered lately, please note that NP Script merged with Fullscript in 2019 because NP Script felt they could serve physicians and patients better with the talents and technology of both companies combined. We agree with them. Fullscript services have been fantastic to Synergy and our patients and we are glad to see companies continue to make integrative medicine easier to achieve.

CLICK HERE to review our nutritional supplement products.
NOTE: If you need help once inside the Fullscript online store, feel free to call them at (866) 807-3828, or email them at Their support staff is fantastic and always happy to help Synergy patients place their orders.

Thank you!