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Cognitive Health

How’s your brain working?

If you think your brain may be slowing down or becoming fuzzy, or you have a strong family history of dementia, we’re here to help. We will assess your current cognitive state and take a personalized, precision approach to improving or maintaining optimum mental function.

We are pleased to offer our patients a screening test called a Cognoscopy to assess how your brain is doing and provide treatment if needed. It involves one visit to Synergy for testing, and if applicable, an option to enter our holistic cognitive health program.

Here’s how it works:

To set up the Cognoscopy Assessment, we will need any lab work you have done in the last six months. We will also need an additional set of very specific labs and gene test prior to your Assessment appointment. If interested, please email us for that Lab Order Form or call us at (757) 410-5462. If you are paying out of pocket for these labs, you may find this link helpful as it provides the labs you need under the RECODE Report for $1,399.

A one-hour visit to Synergy is then scheduled. Before that visit you will perform a 30-minute computerized memory assessment either at home or the Synergy office.

Based on the assessment and labwork, three outcomes become apparent:

1. Normal, with recommendations for ongoing optimal brain function
2. Starting to show some cognitive decline, with recommendations for self-care
3. Recommendation to enter our “Cognitive Health Program” to try to reverse early Alzheimer’s or other forms of cognitive impairment

Holistic Cognitive Health Program

The Holistic Cognitive Health Program assesses and treats many of the causes of cognitive impairment, including inflammation, blood glucose problems, hormone issues, toxic exposures and vascular or traumatic brain issues. The initial visit includes 1.5 hours with Dr. Rebecca Ryder. Ongoing appointments with Dr. Ryder and/or Nurse Practitioner Kim Harris are usually scheduled approximately every three to four months.

More on Cognoscopy

Dr. Dale Bredesen is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. He has spent over 30 years researching the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, and founded the ground-breaking method called “Reversing Cognitive Decline” in patients with early Alzheimer’s disease and its precursors, subjective cognitive impairment, and mild cognitive impairment. The Cognoscopy is an objective way to quantify your mental function and assess modifiable factors that can decrease your risk for progression to Alzheimer’s, as well as optimize overall health.

Dr. Ryder Becomes Certified in Cognoscopy

After completing a rigorous and in-depth training program conducted by The Institute for Functional Medicine on behalf of Dr. Bredesen, Dr. Rebecca Ryder of Synergy became a Certified Bredesen Practitioner.

“This certification, and the implementation of these programs at Synergy, is incredibly important to me as a physician and personally as well, due to a strong family history of dementia. In pursuing the training, I was impressed by how much of these things we are already addressing through Synergy and functional medicine. The protocol gives us a framework for this holistic approach to optimum mental and physical functioning, which has been our goal at Synergy all along.”

Cognoscopy Cost: $450

Cognoscopy Consult:
• Review medical history
• Review any current labwork
• Review computerized memory assessment

Holistic Cognitive Health Program & Cost

This year-long program includes 4 visits with the MD (1 1/2 -hour Initial visit and 45-minute follow-ups) and 8 visits with our health coach. Cost is $3000 for the year, or $250/month.

There is an a la carte option of $650 for the initial doctor visit and $350 per 45 minute follow up. Health coaching can be arranged as needed for an additional fee.

For more details, please contact us at (757) 410-5462 or