Diane Fellowes, Norfolk

“My intimacy has increased significantly and is as enjoyable as it was 20 years ago! Plus I dropped 10 stubborn pounds. At 53 years old, I feel 30 again.

“But that wasn’t the case until I reached out to Synergy. Before coming under Dr. Rebecca Ryder’s care I was miserable. I was having trouble sleeping; I felt tired all the time; I was irritable; and I had no interest in sexual intimacy.

“When I told this to my gynecologist, she recommended a ‘one-size-fits-all’ estrogen patch.

“Luckily, a friend told me about Dr. Ryder and her bioidentical hormone replacement clinic. Through extensive blood work, she was able to determine what I was lacking in hormones, vitamins, and nutrients.

“Now, my life has greatly improved! I have more energy, have better moods, and feel stronger in my daily workout routines.

“Dr. Ryder has a very relaxed nature and is easy to talk with. She is well-educated in the field of women’s health, bioidentical hormone therapy, and holistic care.

“To any woman who may be hesitant about hormone therapy, I say Go For It! Our bodies are amazing machines, but sometimes they need a little tune-up to keep things in line. 🙂 One size DOES NOT fit all.”

Diane Fellowes
Norfolk, VA