Jessica Lombardi, Chesapeake

“I found Dr. Ryder and Synergy during the pandemic when I was pretty much forced to research treatments myself. Through watching videos by Functional / Integrative physicians, my eyes were opened to the many possibilities and to what I had been missing in my personal health care journey.

“The more I learned the more I saw that my physician of 12 years had his hands and mind tied by traditional medicine and management.

“I was blessed to research and find functional medicine doctor Rebecca Ryder and her practice, with an initial visit in February 2022. After 40 years of being misdiagnosed and discovering I had Hashimoto’s Disease, I have lost weight, improved energy, and am more focused and sharp due to the diagnosis, correct medications and care.

“Dr. Ryder diagnosed my underlying condition through routine blood labs and a few other tests that support the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s. She also added hormone supplements that I was lacking in and contributed to my lack of energy.

“Dr. Ryder listened to me and understood that I wanted to eliminate three medications that I believed were not in my best medical interests. I have stopped taking 2 out of 3 and am working toward eliminating number 3 with her guidance.

“My previous doctor said I would never be off these meds. Dr. Ryder began with my gut health and moved on from there. For the first time in 40 years, my digestive system works like I believed it was possible after taking a supplement to improve gut flora. She also recommended a gluten-free diet and corrected vitamin and supplement amounts, which has made an enormous difference.

“Dr. Ryder wants the best outcome for her patients! She listens and writes everything down so that I have a copy of what was discussed. That way, I am then able to focus on her explanations and she has my undivided attention. She is brilliant and willing to incorporate some of the ideas that I have about my health. It’s a partnership.

“Because I live in North Carolina I have to travel two hours to see Dr. Ryder. I would travel more hours if necessary!! She is also available by telephone and Zoom for follow-up meetings if needed.

“Never before in my health care have I had this kind of attention and solution —- and that is a sad statement of fact. In the richest country in the world, we have become a health system that does not diagnose the root cause of an illness and instead, covers up the symptoms with pills.

“Grateful appreciation for all she has done for me! Best money I have ever spent!”

Jessica Lombardi
Corolla, NC