Vickie Turner, Hampton

“I had been having severe menopause symptoms and was miserable. The hot flashes throughout the day and night were the worst. After suffering for two years I knew I had to do something.

“I went to my family doctor and my previous gynecologist for help. Neither one of these physicians believed in treating their patients with any type of hormones. Both physicians told me to try the natural herbal vitamin Black Cohosh.

“A friend of mine in Hampton knew I was miserable and she told me about Dr. Linda Long and how she was treating her patients with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I liked the idea that it was all natural and safer than the regular hormones.

“Dr. Long’s bio-identical hormone treatment has made me feel like I’m in my 30’s again!

“I have a lot of energy, I feel young and healthy, I’ve lost weight, and I am able to get a good night’s sleep. I feel like myself again, and my husband’s happier too.

“Dr. Long is very knowledgeable in treating her patients with bio-identical hormones. She monitors my hormone levels on a regular basis to make sure everything is in check. I have recommended her to several friends and they are all pleased with the outcome.”

Vickie Turner
Hampton, VA